May 6, 2017 Best Thailand Destinations

What is the best Thailand Destination?

I’ve traveled a lot in Thailand and I must say the whole country is Amazing, but a few spots around the country is just a little better. I call those my dream lands. The time has come when I want to share those dreamlands with you, my readers. So make sure you read this article before you book any trips to Thailand!


We’ve all heard of Phuket. The beautiful paradise place with long white beaches and warm tropical water. Yes I can assure you, this place is amazing. but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The people here is amazing, they do everything for you. They are very helpful and kind. I can not recommend this destination enough. GO!

Best hotel in Phuket

My favourite place to stay at while in Puket Thailand is Six Senses Spa. Their service is amazing and so is the food. Don’t get me started on how beautiful the location of the hotels in Puket are, AMAZING! The price of this hotel is ~$80/night. which in my opinion is a great deal, you’ll have to look over your own budget though of course!




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