May 6, 2017 Best Thailand Destinations

What is the best Thailand Destination?

I’ve traveled a lot in Thailand and I must say the whole country is Amazing, but a few spots around the country is just a little better. I call those my dream lands. The time has come when I want to share those dreamlands with you, my readers. So make sure you read this article before you book any trips to Thailand!


We’ve all heard of Phuket. The beautiful paradise place with long white beaches and warm tropical water. Yes I can assure you, this place is amazing. but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The people here is amazing, they do everything for you. They are very helpful and kind. I can not recommend this destination enough. GO!

Best hotel in Phuket

My favourite place to stay at while in Puket Thailand is Six Senses Spa. Their service is amazing and so is the food. Don’t get me started on how beautiful the location of the hotels in Puket are, AMAZING! The price of this hotel is ~$80/night. which in my opinion is a great deal, you’ll have to look over your own budget though of course!




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October 10, 2016

How To Hand Sew – Thailand Blog

Machines or any other tool can sew garments. But none of them can match the quality of hand sewing. It will elevate any ordinary item to a higher level as you will be using the same guide as the best couture’s. Below is a guide that will take you through the main hand sewing stitch you might need while sewing clothes or garments.

The Overcast Stitch

There are several ways to finish a raw seam edge. You can pick the raw edge using pinking shears, serge the edges, or you can zigzag stitch on the garment’s edge. A hand sewn overcast stitch eclipses all the previously mentioned seam finishes. It wraps the thread around a fabrics raw edge thus preventing fibers from coming of a garment while using it. The overcast stitch is best done on silk fabrics as well as wool. It’s a slower method but quick once you get used to it. Below is a guide on how to hand-sew an overcast stitch.

Hand Sewing steps

1) Using a needle that matches the type and size of the fabric you are sewing, i.e. the needle should not be too light or heavy compared to the material of the fabric. Pair the needle with a thread that is equivalent to your fabric and thread it. At the end of the thread tie a knot and insert it though your material at its raw edge. Make sure you hide the knot inside the fabric by passing the needle from its rear side to the front.

2) Pass your needle through the fabric by looping your thread over the edge from back to the front. The stitch is best done by Sewing Authority right to left.

3) A loop will form as you pull the thread tight over the edge of the fabric. Avoid crimping the fabric by pulling the thread too tight. It should be smooth and flat on the edge.

4) Pass the needle through the fabric from back to front and wrap the threads over the edge .Repeat this procedure. The thread with the needle should be under the loop to make the thread’s loop wrap itself around your fabrics edge.A knot will be formed if the thread is on top.

5) Then pull your threads tight like the initial stitch to form another one. Do this repeatedly until the whole fabrics edge is thread wrapped.


Hand janome sewing machine is a simple and enjoyable task. It is sometimes used in therapy to stimulate the body.

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