October 4, 2016 How to Install a Generator - Thailand Hotels

How to Install a Generator – Thailand Hotels

The best small generator is a very important equipment in providing emergency electrical power at home. This device provides power especially after the main power source especially from the national grid goes out. The most interesting thing with this equipment is that it does not have to necessarily provide power to all the home appliances but only the very important services such as fridges and television. Other service providers such as the stoves, tumble driers and air conditioners use a lot of power which probably cannot be supplied by the typical portable generator. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the major ways of installing a typical generator to a house.

Identification of essential appliances in the house which one cannot do without

After the identification of the crucial appliances it will now be possible for one to determine the kind of appliances that he will connect to his generator in relation to the amount of power that the involved generator can provide. In this case, only important appliances are supposed to be connected such as the television and the fridge while other appliance should wait for the power from the main source.

Choose the wiring system

When installing a generator, there are several wiring systems that can be used in connecting a generator at home but there are two major ones. The interlock kit and the manual transfer switch. Normally the interlock kit are very simple to install and very cheap but illegal in most places, see the wen 56352 review. The manual transfer switch are normally expensive piece of equipment that will require professional installation.

Place your generator away from home

This is usually a safety precaution. One is supposed to place the generator some distance away from the home with a cable connecting from the generator to the home. This is usually to prevent the home from catching fire in the case of any fault.

Plug in the attachment cable to the generator

The generator usually comes with its cable which is supposed to connect it to the home. After plugging in one is supposed to select the amount of voltage required and some turns on both ends of the generator and house.

Check the engine

One is supposed to check the whether the throttle for the engine is in the right position and also whether the engine has enough oil. The engine can then be started according to the instructions of the manufacturer and there the generator is installed.

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